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Sunday, May 30, 2004

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The media lied about the Iraqi troops

Remember the story of Fallujah? Remember the media saying that the Iraq troops cut and ran and refused to fight? Well, according to a Marine who was there, that isn't exactly what happened. You can read the entire email here. I include the relevant parts below:

I could tell you stories of individual heroics of Iraqi soldiers.  One specific example is of an Iraqi SgtMaj who came into our lines during the first days of fighting in Falluja.  He made his way through the mujahadeen and risked being killed by us to tell us that he was concerned about the ICDC (Iraqi Civil Defense Corps) armory in town.  He knew it was only a matter of time until the muj went for the armory to take the weapons.  Honestly, I would have thought that they had already done it as the police stations and every other good piece of ground seemed to be occupied by the muj by that time.  In short, he wanted to let us know that he was going back into the town to get the weapons.  The Marines asked him if he wanted us to help.  No.  He only wanted us to take the weapons from him when he came back through.  This guy took a couple young Iraqi soldiers with a truck and drove back through our lines into the hornets nest of Falluja.  He went to the armory, emptied the weapons and ammo stored there and brought it back out through the fighting to us.  We expected him to want to stay with us or to move on to Baghdad or some other safe area.  He refused and stated that he was going back into the city as that was where his duty was.  Not a coward by even the most cynical standard.

We had a group that showed up shortly thereafter.  You have probably heard about them as they came out of Baghdad and on the way were ambushed a couple of times.  By the time they made it here only 200 of 700 were in their ranks.  I know that the public story is that they folded after a couple of days of fighting and disintegrated.  They actually made it through three days of fighting.  Not just taking a few rounds, they held through accurate machine gun fire, mortars and multiple assaults.  They also moved forward and occupied positions on the Marines' flanks.  After three days, we pulled them out.  The Marines will tell you that they did a hell of a job.