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Saturday, March 12, 2005

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More than anyone else....

....Hammorabi has clung to the news that Zarqawi has been arrested. Now he claims that information on terrorist websites may confirm his belief.
The rumours about the capture of the terrorist Abo Mosab Zarqawi last month near Mosel in the North West of Iraq looks true. The prove is not the outbreaks of its news in its city in Jordan last week neither his new released pictures and the arrest of his driver and his postman but the smell of the same news when one read the sites supporting them. The extremists who support the terrorists called for the last few days to be patient and pray and don't make false assumptions. It is like some one calling its fellow to restrain themselves about a nearly certain news which just need some approval!
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I thought I point it out simply because you never know. There is a pattern of major terrorist figures' arrests not being revealed for some time after their arrest.

He also reports that more Syrian intelligence agents have been captured.
The Fox Special Force (FSF) of the Iraqi Special Forces in Mosel arrested three serious terrorists who committed ugly crimes against the Iraqi civilians and police. All of the arrested confessed that they work with the Syrian Intelligence secret services. One of them was Syrian whose ID was withheld. The other two are Sudanese work with Adam Doma who was recently arrested in Mosel by FSF. AD was the lead for Tahrer Party which is linked with Al-Qaeda and got branches in North Africa like Sudan, Algeria, and Morocco as well as in Europe.

Mohamad Mosa 39 years old confessed of beheading 6 wounded Iraqi National Guards after he implanted a bomb in their site. The other one called Osman Kader 34 years who received $ 1200 for beheading 6 Iraqis by his dirty hands.
This news should help to increase the pressure on Syria just when they're trying to regain the momentum in Lebanon.

In other news, Omar reports that Iraqi merchants are boycotting Syria because of what they've seen on TV.
When I asked him for the reason behind this decision he repeated the wholesaler's words to me:

After what we've seen on TV, we thought that it's totally unpatriotic to trade with that country; the Syrian government is benefiting from trade with Iraq and using the money they get to fund the criminals who slaughter our people. Not only that; the ordinary people themselves started to prefer products from other origins over Syrian products so we thought that it's better to search for alternatives for the boycotted items.
News from the MidEast just keeps getting better and better.