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Sunday, January 30, 2005

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Iraqis celebrate freedom

Hammorabi celebrates the new day of freedom in Iraq, confirming the desire of every human to be free. Turnout was so large people asked for an extension to vote.
It was unexpected turn out in Baghdad and most other parts of Iraq especially the south and central Iraq.

Some polling station run out of voting papers and boxes were full in many stations!

Many people asked for extension of the time allowed.
According to the news the Iraqis outside Iraq when they heard about the large and unexpected numbers of Iraqis went for voting, they also encouraged and decided to go. This make larger than expected numbers in London and other countries.
Ali calls it The best Eid I ever had and exults over his chance to tell the terrorists and Ba'athists that he would not be defeated.
he voting center that was chosen in our district is a high school in the middle of the Neighborhood . This was the same place I went in 1996 to cast my vote in a poll asking if we wanted to have Saddam as a president for life or not. I had to go at that time. The threats for anyone who refused to take that poll were no less than the death penalty. Still our district was one of the places were one could vote secretly, occasionally though. They trusted our neighborhood because it's mainly Sunni military officers who live here with their families. I and some of my friends chose "NO" but we were scared to death as we marked the paper and remained so for days.

This time we went by choice and the threat was exactly the opposite. As I was walking with many people towards the center explosion hit and gun fire were heard but most were not that close. People didn't seem to pay attention to that. Some of them even brought their little kids with them! It's like the Eid but only a thousand times better.
The joy he felt from voting is almost forgotten in America, we are so spoiled and take democracy so for granted.
I'm still thrilled as I'm watching Iraqis vote allover Iraq through TV. Al Arabyia just reported that 6 thousand people in Fallujah have voted till now out of 60 thousands who have returned to their homes (total not voters). I listened to that and I felt enormous admiration and respect to those 6 thousand heroes. Things are difficult in Baghdad but it's still incomparable to Fallujah. I'm sure that the number will rise towards the end of the day.

I'm stil overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions that I don't know what to say more. The only things I can feel so strongly now are hope, excitement, pride and a strange internal peace. I have won my battle and I'm watching the whole Iraqis winning their battle too. I'll try to write to you later my friends.
A'ash Al Iraq, A'ashat America, A'ash Al Tahaluf. (Long live Iraq, long live America and long live the coalition)
This is a day the whole should celebrate, but many will not. What does that say about the world?

Iraqis suffered under Sadaam for thirty years — the world did nothing. Millions were killed in Rwanda — the world did nothing. Hundreds of thousands have been killed in Sudan — the world does nothing. Jews were slaughtered in the holocaust — the world did nothing. How long must evil reign? How long will good men sit idly by while their fellow men die at the hand of butchers? How long?