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Saturday, January 22, 2005

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Hersh on the barbee

The Discerning Texan, in a post worthy of his name, eviscerates Seymour Hersh's "story" about the US invading Iran. (I posted about it in "If this is true....").

Here's a sample.
Still, "The Coming Wars" is ostensibly about Iran, so I thought it behooved me to take a look. But it was classic Hersh incoherence, almost from the beginning. Early on he says that he spoke to current and past defense and intelligence officials, but shortly thereafter he says, "The Defense Department and the White House did not respond to requests for comment on this story."

There was apparently no editor at The New Yorker who noticed that you can't have it both ways. For if "the Defense Department" wouldn't comment, then how could Hersh have spoken to current Defense officials? In fact, Hersh's claim — "they wouldn't talk to me" — is not true. Prior to publication, senior Defense Department officials told Hersh that he was dead wrong on several counts — something he might have mentioned, unpleasant though it is.
You have to read this. I alternated between uproarious laughter and quizzical how could he.