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Thursday, January 27, 2005

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Another crack in the wall

AP reports that King Abdullah will introduce democractic reforms in Jordan.
In a televised speech, Abdullah said he wanted to "address all our brethren in Iraq, of all groups and spectrums, and call on them to take part in the elections to be held in a few days."

The king then unveiled plans to establish elected councils to oversee development in Jordan. He did not explain how the new councils would work with existing local authorities, half of whose members are appointed by the government.

"I assert here that political development should start at the grass roots, then move up to decision-making centers, and not vice versa," the king said.
Despite what many say about King Abdullah, he has been an ally of the US, and he has steered his country toward a more open society against great resistance from the conservative muslim leaders.

This is an encouraging sign, especially since all politics is local. If Jordanians begin to enjoy democratically electing local development councils, it probably won't be long before they are agitating for more reforms.