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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

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Update on Iraq

Lots of "stuff" going on in Iraq. The 82nd Airborne, out of Ft. Bragg, is deploying to beef up security before the elections. Operation Plymouth Rock is ongoing and successful. A UN official says the elections are on track for January 30. The reality of elections is beginning to sink in as Iraqis jostle for position in the upcoming elections and Allawi goes to Jordan to try and talk some sense into the Sunnis, who have the most to lose by not participating.

The Marines are beginning to realize that Fallujah was a high water mark that will be remembered like Iwo Jima and other great battles. Iraqis are still being trained to defend their country (and critics should shut up. Try doing what has been done, in the conditions it's been done in, and see how well your troops perform. Bozos!)

On a personal note, a New York City firefighter who dug through the World Trade Center rubble for months died in Iraq defending freedom. His buddy was injured. Michael Jordan's brother (yes, the basketball great's older brother) is headed to Iraq, while Mayor Daley's own son has enlisted in the Army. (So much for the "preying on the poor, minorities and disadvantaged" meme of the Democraps.)

Have you noticed that the media now calls them homicide bombers instead of suicide bombers?

And you thought your input was never considered!

UPDATE: Hammorabi blames the UN for Iraq's troubles, and Mohammed, the dentist, discusses conditions in the "triangle of death".
One of the passengers said whispering "where are the Americans? Where are the ING?"
One replied saying "and who dares to enter these territories?!"
We were overwhelmed with fear and anxiety until the guy sitting next to me said "look there" and pointed with his finger to the right.

We all turned to see what he was pointing to, and we regained some of our confidence as we saw a convoy of several Hummer vehicles patrolling the area.
"They're not as cautious and afraid as we thought they would be. Here are they moving confidently" the driver said. "I don't think they'll stay here after sunset. The terrorists will take over the area at night" another passenger added.
I smiled and thought "we fear our countrymen while we feel safe when the foreigners are moving around! Who's the occupier? Who are the bad guys here?"
He closes with this.
We passed Latifiyah safely and driver returned our Id's and phones back and we were back to our boring chats. We finally entered Baghdad by sunset to find the city walls covered with signs and posters calling the people to do their role in building the democratic Iraq that will be an oasis for peace in the region.

Terrorism is losing the battle and in spite of tough times we're facing in this battle and in spite of the fear and worries that we carry in our minds I felt a great joy when I saw a sign on the road saying:
"Your voice is as precious as gold. No, it's more than that!"
Freedom is a universal language. It is spoken everywhere, sometimes in fearful, whispered voices, but loudly whereever people feel secure to speak.

Who says Iraqis can't build a democracy?