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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

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OMG - Yet MORE Lies by Kerry!

Michelle Malkin has posted intact a letter to the editor from a vet who can attest to yet more of Kerry's lies - this time about an incident in Tour of Duty that has nothing to do with Kerry's "valor" - just a stupid incident that Kerry uses to illustrate his overarching point that the war was wrong, and which, like many others, he creates out of thin air. The breadth of his lies is incredible. Here's a sample:
A photo caption in Kerry's book states; "A Swift boat convoy heading up the Bo De River." If Kerry had spent more than four months in Vietnam, he may have known the picture was actually a column of "PBR's" (Patrol Boat, River), not his swift boats.
What can I say? Ah forget it. I'm out of adjectives. Here's another
On page 179, there is a reference to an incident that occurred on October 14th. Page 181 begins with; "Only a few weeks later, Kerry, on a PCF-44 patrol, observed four troop battalions from the Ninth Infantry Division at Dong Tam and five Mobile Riverine Force squadrons staging an assault for the benefit of Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird. "To facilitate putting on a good show, an area was picked out for the landing where the chance of guerilla contact was minimal." Kerry sneered. "Nothing was to mess up the show for the secretary of defense." I was with River Assault Squadron 13 during this time period. Melvin Laird was the secretary of defense from January 22, 1969 to January 29, 1973. At the high point, there were only four squadrons of the Mobile Riverine Force. The four squadrons were split into two larger groups; "Group Alpha" and "Group Bravo", in early summer, of 1968, spread out over different parts of the Mekong Delta. All four squadrons were never pulled together to put on a show for Melvin Laird.
As the writer points out, Laird wasn't SecDef until 1969 making it impossible for him to have observed this in October 1968!

"A few weeks later" from October 14th would not place this event in a time frame when Laird was SecDef. Kerry took over PCF-44 on 5 Dec 68, but he was in COSDIV 11 for one week. Then he was transferred to COSDIV13 until 5 Jan 69 when he returned to COSDIV 11.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot keep up with Kerry's lies!