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Sunday, August 08, 2004

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al-Sadr's "uprising" in Iraq

Iraqi bloggers have much to say about al-Sadr and related matters in current events in Iraq. Here's some samplings.

Iraq the Model discusses the situation in Iraq, how the Iraqis feel about it and what they hope the outcome will be and demands that the government be tough with the "criminals".

Baghdad Burning expresses the usual distrust of everything America but reveals a concern for the damage being done by insurgents, a different view of things than usual.

The Mesopotamian bemoans the stupidity of the young criminals involved in the fighting and regrets their deaths which, while necessary, evoke pity.

Iraq at a Glance disagrees with the amnesty for minor criminals announced by Allawi and closes with this touching statement; "( I feel so relaxed and glad when I express my thoughts and ideas, I said that it’s wrong to sign the amnesty law! And no one execute me! Freedom and democracy is cool!)"

Hammorabi ruminates on a number of topics including the war on terrorism, Bill Clinton!, Iranian involvement in the troubles in Iraq and the reinstatement of capital punishment - "At last is reinstated in Iraq. Good news! Who is the first fucker going to be sent to hell! No mercy to any one especially the Arabs who are involved in terrorist attacks or those who kidnap and kill."