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Friday, June 18, 2004

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More refutation of the false assertions by the press

Fox has an article this evening arguing forcefully that not only did the 9-11 Commission get it wrong (about ties between Sadaam and al-Qaeda), but they assigned the wrong man to generate the report, almost guaranteeing that any ties would be understated or misrepresented. 9/11 Commission Fails to Connect Terror Dots

This article references another article, by Andrew McCarthy link in National Review that points out even more problems with the commission's conclusions and provides extensive discussion of evidence previously evinced about an Iraq-al Qaeda connection. And in what has to be ironic timing, the AP released a story today link that reports that Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin's intelligence agencies provided the US with information, after 9/11, that Sadaam was planning terrorist attacks on US interests.

I wonder how much smoke you have to find before the media will report a fire?